The Crew at Likely Place RV & Golf Resort

I thought I would do a blog on the folks I worked with this past summer at Likely Place.  Not only where they my co-workers they became good friends of ours as the summer progressed.  It was difficult saying good bye at the end.

Here is the outside crew:

This is Dwayne and his squirrel catching dog Peanut.  He mowed the tee boxes and rough.  He is an Army Veteran serving in Korea and drove a Multi Launch Rocket System tracked vehicle.   He is also the Fire Chief of the Likely Fire Department.

Dwayne and his and his pup Peanut

Dwayne and his pup Peanut

Below is George who mowed the greens.  He is a former heavy equipment operator from the Bay Area and now spends his summer in the high desert.  He also holds the course record from the Blue tees with a 69.



Next is Jose.  He is the Superintendent of Likely Place.  He has many duties including mowing the fairways.  He worked for Rich Hamel on his ranch and had a big hand in building the golf course and RV park.  In his spare time he runs a herd of cattle and is also the Assistant Chief of the Likely Fire Department.



These three men took care of the golf course without any other help.  It is amazing the condition of the course with only three men compared to other courses that have 3 to 4 times as many men.

Next is Phil and Nancy who are retired and live in their Class A year round.  They took care of picking up balls on the driving range and keeping the tees in good shape by repairing divots and picking up broken tees.  They live in the high desert at Likely Place in the Summer and AZ in the winter while fishing areas in between as they change locations. We hope to hook up with them this winter.

Phil and Nancy

Phil and Nancy

Below is Gordon.  He keeps the gas golf carts running.  Not an easy task with the age of the carts.  He served in the Army as a helicopter mechanic.  Gordon is a local who works on the family ranch by cutting, bailing and hauling hay when he not working on the carts.  There are thousand of acres of hay in this area and a good bit of it is trailered down to the CA Central Valley for the large dairy herds.



Now for the inside crew:

Below is Cathy and Lynn.  They run the Likely Grill at the course.  Good eats! Cathy is originally from Hungary who can come up with some great soup.  Lynn served in the Marine Corps and has been in the restaurant business for over 50 years including a place in Napa Valley.

Cathy and Lynn

Cathy and Lynn

Next is Dennis and Kelly.  Dennis is the Manager of Likely Place.  A better supervisor will be difficult to find.  He also served in the Marine Corps.  Kelly never stands still when in the office and also has a storage business in Alturas.

Dennis and Kelly

Dennis and Kelly

Below are Bob and Peggy.  Bob works outside cleaning carts mowing grass and any other maintenance job that needs taken care of.  He served in the Army and worked for California Fire by driving bulldozers to cut fire breaks.  Peg had the same job I had of working the golf and RV desk.  I was very lucky to have her train me.  She knew everything there was to know and was very patient with me when I was thrown in the office after another employee quit.  Vicki and I became good friends with these folks.

IMG_1165 (002)

And last and certainly least:


Me on my last day of work.

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4 Responses to The Crew at Likely Place RV & Golf Resort

  1. colibabas says:

    Looks like you worked with a great group with interesting backgrounds. There’s nothing like the last day of work! After your gig at Amazon are you guys going to make it to Q?

  2. Sure will BUT. First we are going to spend about 2 weeks in Merced to visit Geoff and spend $s on Doctors and Dentists. Should show up about mid Jan.

  3. colibabas says:

    If you don’t have a dental plan Los Algodones is a good place. I had 2 crowns done last winter and my dentist back home said they looked good. Dianne has a broken tooth so it will be her first visit to a Mexican dentist this winter.
    Look forward to seeing you in Q.

    • Thanks guys for you input and we will keep that in mine for the future. But with Vicki still doing the 8 to 5 thing we still have coverage. I will be anxious to get your input this winter.

      Likewise we look forward to catching up with you folks in Q. I need to do some research and most likely be hitting you with some Qs about the Q……

      Sent from my iPad


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