About Us

Vicki grew up in Kennett Square, PA, think mushrooms, and lived on Longwood Gardens in her early years.  Harry grew up in Neffsville, PA.  We met while attending Elizabethtown College in Elizabethtown, PA.  Vicki played varsity basketball all four years at Etown while Harry watched Vicki play her Junior and Senior years.  We graduated and marrying in 1977, settled in Lititz, PA and raised two sons, Kyle and Geoff.   While doing the normal working thing in the 80s, 90s and 00s we were kept busy trying to keep up with the boys in school and sports.

Harry worked at Hamilton Technology as a bean counter.  This company was a descendant of Hamilton Watch where his father, grandfather, two aunts and a great-uncle worked.  Vicki worked at various jobs and ended up owning Garden Spot Ribbons and Awards.  Both sons moved to Cali, as Kyle called it, in 2004.  Sadly Kyle passed away in early 2006 from Melanoma.   In 2008 Harry’s job was to take him to Cincinnati, OH so Vicki put a for sale sign on her business.  After the sale of Vicki’s business and with Geoff living in CA the decision was made to keep going west past Cincinnati and start a new life in CA.  Harry could never correctly spell Cincinnati so it was good decision.

In moving to CA we spent 25 days crossing the country in the summer of 2008 in a travel trailer  accompanied by Kyle’s German Shepherd Marley.  During this trip Harry started to think about life on the road and exploring North America.  Vicki not so much.  As they settled in the Central Valley of CA doing the  8 to 5 thing and visiting Geoff on the weekends Harry started to think more and more of full timing in a RV and travel prior to “normal retirement age” while still in good health.   Vicki not so much, but started to listen.  In September of 2012 Vicki was worn down enough to consider this lifestyle and they attended an RV rally by RV-Dreams in Oregon.  After the rally Vicki was drinking the Kool Aid and started to tell people “when we retire we are going on the road and live in a RV full-time”.

In February, 2013 they attended another RV-Dreams rally in Quartzsite, AZ.  This rally was set in the desert with the purpose of learning to live off the grid and monitor your electric and water usage.  It was another fun-filled week of enjoying the desert with its simpler life style, great sun rises and sun sets with good winter weather while meeting new friends.  On the way back to the “real world” Harry asked Vicki if she could get on the road “tomorrow” would she?  She immediately said yes.  A plan was quickly developed and implemented to accomplish getting on the road ASAP.  To get on the road faster it was decided to sell the sticks and bricks home and live in a RV and thereby saving money and achieving their goals of having no debt and be on the road in 2015.

From February to May 2013 there was a blur of activity at the Forrey compound in Merced, CA. Selling non needed items, giving stuff to Geoff and Goodwill, putting keepsake items in storage and throwing junk away.  On top of that activity we selected and bought a full-time RV (a Vicki’s thing), which required a bigger truck to pull it (a Harry’s thing).  The RV is a Heartland Bighorn 3670, AKA Suits Us, and the truck is a Chevy 3500 diesel dually.

So now the stage is set.  The cast of characters are Vicki as the work at home person in the health care industry, Harry as the drive to work in the print industry guy. With a supporting cast of two dogs, Sadie, of questionable heritage and Buster, who is a Queensland Heeler.  The setting is in a RV & Golf resort in Chowchilla, CA while we work towards “The Goal”.

contact us @ theforreys@hotmail.com

2 Responses to About Us

  1. placestheygo says:

    Thanks for joining us on our journey. In June we finish our fifth year of fulltiming:)

    It is a small world! We are also from PA!! I grew up in King of Prussia and John lived in Erie. We meet at West Chester University. Later, we settled and raised our family in the little bedroom community of Shrewsbury, which is south of York, PA. As I was telling John about you and that Vicki grew up in Kennett Square, he said mushrooms!! I told him that was exactly what you said.

    Life on the road is wonderful:) Good luck getting ready to head out! Hope to see you down the road very soon.

  2. Pam – thanks for your words. I have been following you folks for a year or so. I posted a comment one time when you were traveling north of Williamsport. My parents had a Christmas Tree farm north of Trout Run and you posted a picture of the Rt 14. I knew where that picture was taken from. Yes small world. Also hope to meet up down the road.

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