Changing Gears, Exploring and Settling In

Since my last post there has been some changes to my work life, good and bad.

On Wednesday May 13 my boss asked me if Vicki wanted to work in the RV / Golf Office. There was an opening that he wanted to fill. Well Vicki makes a hold bunch more money than $9 per hour and she likes her job but I said I would ask. Vicki said she could help out but could only work on the weekends and I knew they needed someone who could work 4 days on, 4 days off and that would not work. Hmmm but what about me?  So that night I thought it over and on Thursday morning I told Dennis I could work in the office. I suggested I could still work outside on my days off. I thought I would miss working outside and I was right. The good – more hours and a predictable schedule. The bad – not working outside as much. So from Friday May 15th to Monday the 18th I was in training working inside. Lots to learn for an old broken down accountant in a short time. Basically there are two jobs. One is taking care of the RV park check ins and the other is taking care of the golf course and checking people in. The RV side of the job is working on a “turbo charged” Excel spread sheet called Camp Master. I have worked on spread sheets for the past million years of my career but need to get conformable with all the different drop down menus and how to navigate around the spread sheet. The golf side is all on the cash register and the Point of Sale machine, credit card reader. The Point of Sale machine is pretty simple. However the cash register is a bit challenging. There are codes to input what kind of sales and how they paid. I think I have been doing a pretty good job but I still have a way to go.

On Saturday the 16th Likely had their biggest golf tournament ever and I also did some course marshalling in between my training. Now a big tournament here in the high desert was 82 golfers. Could have had more but we ran out of golf carts. No big problems as I was marshalling but when you have a beer cart running around the course selling beer ya never know. Luckily I did not have to use my Marshall Matt Dillon skills to work. Like I have any.

On Tuesday May 19th I was on my own in the office. Luckily Peggy, who trained me and is in her second year here in Likely, is a great person who did not mine me calling her. I made my share of mistakes but made it through the first two days but then here comes the Memorial Day weekend. Starting Thursday lots of people were coming in to stay during the holiday and play golf. There were some large groups that I had to take care of. All went well but it was tiring and I was whooped by the end of the days.

Now starting when our big tournament this area was getting hit with record setting rain. Turns out this May set a record for rain fall. In excess of 5 inches. Now this does not sound like much but in this neck of the woods it is a bunch. But folks still came out to camp and play golf. The golf course held up pretty good but some of the areas of the RV Park developed large puddles and the big rigs made some large ruts.

The last day of my four days on was Friday the 22nd. Saturday Vicki and I got in the truck and did some exploring on Saturday. Drove up to Alturas and then headed east to Cedarville and discovered a neat little shop with old timey stuff and had this hanging on their wall. Not sure with a the small little hole is for but you old folks know where this came from. seat

Next we continued heading east into Nevada on a dirt road. The object was to see some wild horses. Well we did see horses but are not sure if they are wild or not. I understand when people cannot afford to keep their horses they will turn them loose on the range. One of the locals said we were far enough into Nevada that they were wild but another said their nose were not shaped correctly. To me they seemed pretty tame and were more interested if I had something for them to eat than being scared of me. Horse 2 Horses 1 Whichever they are they are good looking animals.

After that little adventure we drove back to Cedarville and then headed north to Fort Bidwell. I was told this is the sight of one of the last Indian battle that took place. We then drove over a one lane dirt pass that took us west back to US Rt395. With all the rain we had the road was pretty muddy so I threw the truck into 4 wheel drive. We did not have any problem making up and over. In this 20 some mile drive that took us about 2 hours we only saw one other truck. They were a family from Oregon with a 4 wheeler in the back of their truck.   Great views and there was still snow in the shelter areas. IMG_0501 IMG_0499 Rain Day IMG_0512 (2) When we got back on Rte. 395 we were in Oregon and could see Goose Lake. This lake spans CA and OR. Pretty big lake but water looked low to me even with all the rain we had. I guess because of the drought we have had.

Sunday and Memorial Day Monday Vicki and I chased little white balls around the mountain. When I took this job I was wondering what the golf course would be like. I am presently surprised. It has a nice layout with many dog legs and up and down hill holes. Number 16 is a 167 yard drop hole that I really like. And all the holes have great views of the surrounding mountains. When we arrived here the greens were very slow but are now running pretty fast. When I play by myself during my days off and Vicki is working I take Buster out on the front nine and then take Sadie out on the back nine. Never saw or heard of a course that allows dogs out on the course but this one does and it is really neat. And the dogs love it.

Wednesday the 27th found me back at work. Not much to report during the next four work days. I am getting more conformable with my job. Saturday night we went to the annual Alturas Bull Riding Event.  Starts with Mutton Busting.  Kids 5 years all trying to hang onto a sheep for 8 seconds as it runs across the arena.  Then we sang our National Anthem as a cowboy holds our flag as he rides.  Can it get any better? Bull Riding

Then the bull riding. bull riding 2

Sunday May 31st Vicki and I took a trip over to Klamath Falls, OR for our monthly food shopping trip.  But first we ran into a traffic jam coming out of the RV Park as we cross some range land. traffic jam in Likely

It is a very pretty drive.   We played peek-a-boo with Mt. Shasta.


Every time I see Mt. Shasta I think of our son Kyle and the memorial trek that seven of us took in August, 2006. I made it to what I called base camp at 11,000 feet while our son Geoff, my cousin’s sons Kurt and Eric along with three of Kyle’s buddies Tim, Ty and Mike made it the whole way. Not everyone makes it to the top but this group did. Mt Shast

Well except for the old guy. Physically for me the trip up was pretty challenging but the trip down was painful. All three knees were in pain left knee, right knee and hind….

A bitter sweet memory that I will always cherish. It was a two day trip. First day was hiking from 6,950 to about 11,000’, where we made camp. The second day was final trip up the top at 14,179’. On part of the way down you can glissade (spelling??) down about 2,000’. This is where you sit on your butt and slide down  snow/ice. Not for the faint of heart. You can really pick up speed. You have to use your ice axe as a break. On the second morning I got up with the guys at 3 am to wish them good-luck and went back to the warm sleeping bag. About hour later I got up and looked up the mountain. Everyone had a head lamp on and from my view point it looked like a string of white Christmas lights stung out on the trail to the top. I guess about 30 people were making the summit trip that requires crampons and ice axes. I started down about mid-morning and the guys were passing me about 3 pm. Vicki had pizza and beer waiting for us. NEVER did pizza and beer taste better.

Not much else to report. During one of my off days I also do the wash.

High Desert Wash dahy

Also I have gotten in the habit of taking the dogs for a walk on the back nine.

dog walkThey really enjoy all the different smells and chasing rabbits and ground squirrels. Only problem is Sadie with eat almost anything and will roll in things. This afternoon she is getting a bath.

That is it from “Likely Place RV and Golf Resort”, that is what I say when folks call in……

“Time will slow a bit – from those who on their journey stop an smell the rose” Andy Devine

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