Recon Trip to Likely, CA

Well we made the trip to Likely on February 7th, 8th and 9th.  We started on our trip Saturday after helping Geoff move into a new apartment.  Rained off and on during the move but did not interfere with the move or the drive to Auburn, CA.  Auburn is about a half hour east of Sacramento on I80.  Stayed over night and then continued on our trip Sunday morning.  Of course we had to stop at the Cabala’s just west of Reno, NV.  Good break in the drive.

Then after we hit Reno we drove north on US Rt 395.  First a 4 lane highway then a 2 lane road.  Got kind of lonely at times.  I know we would drive 5 minutes and not see another car.  Good road but not much around.  Rained off and on but mostly a good drive while we continued up a slight incline and drove through lightly forested mountains and farm land.

After a 2.5 hour drive we hit the big town of Likely.  I knew from looking at Google maps we need to turn right on to road 64 go about 2 miles and then turn right onto Likely Place Lane that would take us to, where else, The Likely Place RV Park and Golf course.  Not hard to find your way.  There are few roads to get lost on and you can see a good distance.  Took a drive around the RV Park and then some roads that went around the course.  Yea I think I am going to like this place called Likely Place.  BUT does it have good Verizon cell phone signal for Vicki to work?  We found the space that will be our home for the summer.  Yep looks like a good signal but we need to test further.  Vicki pulls out her Verizon Jetpack and hooks on.  I attach the I Pad to the Jetpack, Vicki pulls out her work lap top and hooks on.  I down loaded and streamed a video and Vicki pulls up a work spread sheet.  Video played well without any pauses and Vicki could use her spread sheet.  We are good to go!

We then dove over to the driving range and found a small herd of deer wandering around.  They were a little skiddish.  I guess they are mule deer but was not sure.  They sure are bigger than the PA white tails I used to chase back in the day.  Later on I Googled what type of deer are in the area and found out these are black tail deer which are a sub specie of mule deer.  There was a nice size buck in the crowd.

After that we drove 20 miles north to Alturas to check into the Rim Rock Motel and see the sights of Alturas.  Alturas, all 3,000 people of it, is the county seat of Modoc County that Likely is in.  It has the basics we need, small grocery store, a Rite Aid and even an Elks club.  Fuel is a little more expensive.  There are a few restaurants around but not that big a selection.

On Monday we drove back home after stopping at the RV Park and golf course.  Yep the deer were still there.  The drive over the Sierras was a little challenging.  We had snow, not deep but slippery.  Saw at least 3 accidents.  They did not look that serious but I think one hay truck driver is looking for a new job.

Well that is all on the Recon Trip to Likely.

Vicki’s quote of the trip after exporing Likely and Alturas.  “This will be interesting.”


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1 Response to Recon Trip to Likely, CA

  1. Lynn Amber says:

    Sounds like it is definitely going to be a change of pace – getting closer!!

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