First Blog Post and FAQ

This will be the first official post of our Going Mobile blog.


What’s the purpose of the blog?  To keep friends and family up to date with our lives.

Are we crazy?  Well maybe, not sure, you can read on and answer that question yourself.

How often will you post?  Again not sure, will try to post weekly but only if something of interest happens to us.

Why are you stepping out of a “normal life”?  What the heck is normal?  See “About Us” for some background.  Just too much to see and do in the USA and a couple of weeks traveling a year would not let us get to know an area or the people.

When will we get back to living in one place?  Hopefully in the Neffsville United Methodist cemetery but who knows when that will be?

Where did you every learn English and spelling?  Harry here.  In Lancaster County PA.  Home of Amish and PA Dutch who can really turn any sentence around.  I also think spelling is an art and not a science.  It is not the fault of my English teachers.  They tried really hard but, as they say, “you can take a horse to water, but you can’t make em drink”.

Where did you get the blog tile Going Mobile?  From the group The Who from back in the day.  Kinda fit into what we are doing.

Are we crazy?  Answered before, try to keep up.

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